Fauna Marin Multi Reference 100ml

Fauna Marin Multi Reference 100ml

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For the Most Accurate Home Testing, Use Multi Reference!

With Fauna Marin Multi-Reference Solution, you can test your home test kits under accurate conditions. The Reference Solution is the first to be based on a saltwater matrix and is quality tested using Fauna Marin's ICP-AES testing machine. 

Each batch is quality controlled and tested in Fauna Marin's Seawater Research Laboratory to ensure accurate and reliable solutions.


The Multi Reference 100ml solution combines all the below values into a single solution - the values vary with each batch! Please check your Multi Reference bottle for the respective values.

Calcium – 422 mg/L
Magnesium – 1315 mg/L
Potassium – 409 mg/L
Salinity – 35 ppt (53.0 mS) @ 25°C
Alkalinity – 6.6 DKH (2.35 meq/L)
Strontium – 8 mg/L
Nitrate – 10 mg/L
Phosphate – 0.2 mg/L


Multi Reference Solution is ideal for:

  • Testing the validity of new test kits
  • Verifying results after unexpected test results
  • Testing kits that were stored for a long time
  • Checking an expired test kit’s accuracy
  • Calibrating your refractometer



Measurement of the reference solution with a magnesium test gives you a result of 1,000 mg/L.

  • The reference solution however contains 1,314 mg/L
  • The ratio therefore is: 1,314 mg/L : 1,000 mg/L
  • The correction factor is noted on the magnesium test
  • A later measurement with this magnesium test results in the aquarium water: 1,300 mg/L
  • Calculation: 1,300 mg/L * 1.314 = 1,708.2 mg/L