Aquarium Maintenance

In addition to offering expert aquarium care to Atlanta Metro businesses and home hobbyists, I also have a love for fish tanks and aquarium keeping. Before I started our company, in 2020, I have been in the hobby since the late 1980's, and in the industry on the equipment side since 2003. We had too many customers needing help, so we branched out the company and started the maintenance and aquarium system design and setup.

Our goal is to keep everyone in the hobby, far too many times we have seen people discouraged and leave the hobby, well we are here to help you out, ensure you have the proper equipment without breaking the bank! We will help you keep your tank or tanks flourishing! 

We are a Full-Service Aquarium Maintenance Company For All Kinds Of Salt Water Tanks, from FOWLR, Mixed Reefs, Full Reef tanks, down to the NANO.

Aquarium Upkeep and Maintenance Plans are available.

Whether your aquarium needs a one-time deep cleaning or regular maintenance, we can help. To keep your aquarium healthy and looking great, ongoing aquarium works the best. Schedules are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


Please email us at we can't wait to watch your tank flourish!